Bill Redmond – San Francisco, CA

Dr. Overton did a fantastic job working with my son who is now successfully beginning his freshman year at a wonderful college. Dr. O. worked diligently over a period of two years to help my son identify his interests and perferences and to match those interests with a selection of colleges. He also worked with him as he prepared his applications and essays to ensure that he considered the match between his interests and what the colleges had to offer. Finally, he worked with him in making a decision about the school that was right for him. In the end, all of it worked extremely well. My son was motivated to see Dr. O and appreciated and enjoyed his support. Ultimately, my son was accepted at 80% of the schools he applied to (all high quality) and found that they were all a good match when he visited the campuses. He simply would not have been able to do this with Dr. Os help and advice. Also the cost was well worth it. No question, I would do it again and recommend Dr. O to anyone in the same situation

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