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Your goal is my top priority. When you work with College Consultants of South Carolina, you receive insightful, current information focused on your individual needs. I will help your child find those colleges that fit educationally, personally and financially and create a plan for their educational achievement.

I am a full-time Independent Educational Consultant and thoroughly enjoy coaching high school students through the college selection and application process. I am passionate about helping them use their high school experience to become better positioned for admission, find colleges to fit their unique needs and aspirations, navigate through the application and financial aid process and decide which college offer is in their best interests.

With the increasing cost of higher education, I also ensure that students target merit scholarship opportunities when available.

My clients are 9th – 12th grade students who want in depth, individualized assistance searching for and applying to colleges. My customers are parents who want more personalized assistance in the process and value having an experienced college admissions expert on their team. I work with students throughout the United States as well as internationally.

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