Anne Creed – Columbia, SC

Thanks to Dr. O, my daughter won a Carolina Scholars scholarship, the highest offered by USC. My daughter did the work ,and she worked hard, but Dr. O made it count. He pointed her in the right direction and then kept the whole process on schedule to minimize stress. He is a kind and fatherly guide who helped us both in so many ways. He helped my daughter identify which colleges would be the best fit for her ambitions and her learning style. Then he worked with her, starting at the beginning of high school, to make sure she was taking the right courses so that she could get in the kinds of schools she wanted. He was unbelievably available. For example, he talked with my daughter by phone when she was on her campus visits, making sure she was asking the right questions to determine if each college would be a good fit. He helped smooth over difficult family situations. I could go on and on. He was a friend, a guide, an encourager and a believer who made all the difference in one the most important life decisions for my daughter. The results are so much greater than his fees are. But even if she had not won scholarships, his services were worth every penny. You cannot put a price on kindness, sanity, sound guidance and caring. I will be forever grateful.

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